l theanine for sleepIt is estimated that 55% of people feel that they would function better in life if they would be able to sleep more. Can you identify with this statement? Chances are that you too would like to sleep deeper and longer. But how do you do that? One of the supplements that works very well is l theanine for sleep.

When you take l theanine for sleep, you will fall asleep faster & your sleep will be deeper. If you want to know everything there is about l theanine for sleep. How it works and what the right l theanine dosage is, then continue reading!

NOTE: I wrote an article before about l theanine and sleep. In it I explain how you can use L theanine to sleep deeper. I’m also giving you a couple of extra tips that you can use together with l theanine to drastically improve the quality of your sleep! You can read the article here.

L theanine for sleep

L theanine is a supplement that consists of the amine acids glutamine and glutamic acid. It works very well to reduce stress in the human body, because glutamic acid is one of the building blocks for the relaxing neurotransmitter GABA.

The more GABA you have in your brain (up to a certain optimum of course), the more relaxed and calm you’ll feel. And as you would’ve guessed – GABA also helps you sleep well.

If you would like to sleep better, than taking l theanine for sleep can work very effectively. Many people around the world use it to fall asleep and it’s one of the main benefits that people use this supplement for.

I even use it myself when I have trouble falling asleep. Usually I fall asleep pretty quickly, but once a while when I’m stressed out because of work, or when my mind doesn’t want to calm down when I’m lying in bed, I like to take a tablespoon of theanine.

theanine sleep
If I’m having trouble sleeping, I take a tablespoon of theanine. I fall asleep very quickly after that!

taking a tablespoon of theanine always quickly makes me relax and become calm. After this I fall asleep into a deep sleep very quickly.

3 reasons why l theanine helps you sleep better

If you experience the same as I do sometimes, then taking l theanine for sleep can be one of the best things you do to make you sleep better. If you want to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day, you might want to look into getting yourself a theanine supplement.

Other than that. If you experience:

  • restlessness before going to bed
  • that your mind keeps you awake when you’re lying bed
  • shallow sleep (you sleep 7+ hours, but you wake up feeling unrested)

than theanine can help you sleep better and deeper. Here’s why:

L theanine helps you relax before bed

One of the greatest benefits of l theanine for sleep is that theanine helps you relax. Chances are, that if you’re working hard during the day that you might have trouble completely relaxing at night.

many people experience this and it’s one of the main reasons of insomnia. If you’re feeling anxious or restless at night, it will take a long time before you fall asleep. Added to that, you probably also wake up several times at night instead of sleeping in one long uninterrupted sleep.

l theanine relax
Trouble relaxing at night? Taking l theanine will help you take the edge off your day!

Now, since theanine helps you relax, it’s a great idea to take some theanine if you’re feeling anxious or restless at night. not only will the theanine increase the relaxing neurotransmitter GABA in your brain, but it will also make your body feel less stressed.

L theanine clears your mind

Theanine can also clear your mind. That’s why I recommend l theanine as one of the best natural supplements for anxiety! But if you don’t suffer from anxiety, you can still benefit from this. How? Well, the answer is simple.

Have you ever experienced that you were ready to go to sleep, but when you were lying in bed your mind just didn’t want to stop talking? I’m not talking about voices in your head. But I mean the inner voice that’s always in your mind in the back ground.

It might bring up new ideas, or remind you of stuff that you did during the day. Or maybe it already plans what you’re going to do the next day.

And sometimes it just doesn’t want to shut up! This is when you can take theanine. The theanine will calm down your brain, so that it won’t interrupt itself and you can peacefully go to sleep.

It makes you sleep deeper

The final benefits of l theanine for sleep is that it makes you sleep deeper.

The reason for this is just like the previous ones. L theanine increases the relaxing neurotransmitter GABA in your brain. This makes it easier for your brain to remain in a deep sleep. Distractions are also less likely to wake you up.

Dosage l theanine for sleep

Now that you know everything why you can take l theanine for sleep, you’re likely curious how you should take l theanine to sleep better?

Luckily, the answer is simple for this question.  I recommend you take around 100-300 mg around 1 hour before going to bed.

theanine capsules
If you buy theanine in capsules – 1 capsule is often enough to help you fall asleep!

If you have a bigger build, then go for 300 mg, and if your posture is smaller, then likely 100-150 mg theanine would be enough for you.

Again, if it doesn’t work, then you might need to take a larger dose. And if you’re worried about any negative effects from taking too much theanine – don’t worry. All the excess theanine that you take, that your body is unable to use, it will simply excrete it through your urine.

So, a short summary: L theanine will help you sleep better & deeper. It will make you more relaxed before going to bed, and will increase the quality of your deep sleep. Take 100-300 mg before bed (depending on your build), and you’ll experience the sleep-enhancing effect of L theanine!


P.S. Want to read about all the other effects of l theanine?  Click here to read my comprehensive L theanine review & find out where you can get high-quality l theanine for a good price!

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