anxiety natural remediesDo you suffer from anxiety? Would you like to feel less anxious and more cheerful on a daily basis? Then you’ve probably thought of all different sorts of solutions. Maybe you’ve tried some prescription drugs. Or you took up a stress releasing activity such as meditation or sports. Whatever it is that you’ve tried – one of the solutions that really helps if you suffer from anxiety are anxiety natural remedies.

In this article I’ll teach you everything you need to know about anxiety natural remedies. We’ll also discuss why they are a better choice than prescription drugs. And why it’s a great way to release anxious thoughts.

What are anxiety natural remedies

As the name says, these are certain types of herbs of natural plants that can be ingested to combat anxiety. Many of these herbs have been used for centuries (and some even for thousands of years) by ancient tribes all around the world.

Before, the herbs were always harvested by the tribe (or the people) themselves in the area where they lived. So each different culture had their own anxiety treating herbs depending on where they lived. So they were quite limited in their choices.

Luckily for us, we live in the modern world. And this means that we have access to virtually every supplement or herb! And the main benefit of these herbs is that we know that they are effective. After all, people have been ingesting them against their anxiety for hundreds or thousands of years!

Why choose for anxiety natural remedies?

This is also the main reason why I recommend everyone who experience anxiety to go the natural route first. Why? Because it’s safer. After all, the effects (and side effects) have been studied for a very long time. And when you compare that to many prescription drugs (who are often only on the market for a couple of years), it is a very good idea to play it safe first.

Another reason is also because many drugs have a very strong effect. This might help decrease your anxiety and make you feel better in the short term. But unfortunately this also makes them very addictive. And if you stop taking them you might find that your anxiety becomes even worse…

Anxiety natural remedies have the benefit that they also work through a natural way. Instead of artificially making your brain produce *calm chemicals*, they help your brain by providing the building blocks to a happy and calm brain.

See the small nuanced difference there? It is better to help your brain learn how it can be calm instead of forcing it with brute force to feel calm.

The first option will work well in the long term. The second one has a very high chance of making you feel even worse after you stop taking the drugs.

Anyway, we’ve discussed this topic in a couple of other posts as well on Take a look at this article about herbal anxiety remedies for example. Or this article about 7 cures for anxiety that actually work!

2 effective anxiety natural remedies:

Okay, now that you know why it’s a good idea to treat your anxiety in a natural way. Let’s discuss which anxiety natural remedies I recommend you try. After all, these 2 supplements have no side effects. And there are many benefits that you can (and will) experience when you start taking them.

L theanine

L theanine is a compound that is naturally found in green tea. It’s the reason why green tea feels so much relaxed and calming compared to coffee – even though they both contain caffeine. One simple way to feel calmer is then to substitute your coffee with green tea.

anxiety theanine
Taking capsules of L theanine will do wonders for your anxiety!

The reason theanine helps you feel calmer is because it increases alpha brain waves in your brain. These waves are associated with feeling calm – but focused and concentrated. The reason why this works is because it literally shifts your brain in a more calm state. Studies have been done and shown that people who suffer from anxiety have a reduced rate of alpha waves in their brain.  You can restore the natural balance by taking L theanine.

As I said before. The easiest way to get some L theanine is by drinking green tea. However, some of you might not like green tea. And others might find that they need to drink 5 cups before they feel the L theanine. (A regular cup contains maybe 20 mg of L theanine – the recommended dosage for anxiety start at 100 mg).

So, for many people who suffer from anxiety, it’s a better idea to take L theanine as supplement. Click here for more information about taking L theanine for anxiety.


Another great herbal anxiety remedy is ashwagandha. It’s a herb that has quite a bitter taste. Literally translated to English the name means ‘the smell of a horse’. That’s why I recommend you take it in capsules. It’s a great herb to make you feel calmer and more relaxed.


The reasons why ashwagandha works so well against anxiety is because it is an adaptogen. Adaptogens are a class of herbs that make your anti-stress system stronger. And if you suffer from anxiety you have an over responsive stress system. Ashwagandha will help restore the balance in your body and make you calmer and less anxious.

Click here for my complete review of ashwagandha and how it can help you feel better and more relaxed.

Anxiety natural remedies – last words

Natural remedies work great to combat anxiety. They are very safe and can be a real life saver when you’re feeling anxious. I recommend you either get some L theanine or ashwagandha and start taking it in the morning for 1 week.

After a week you’ll know if it works and if you feel better. And you will feel less anxiety in your entire life! And this is a great feeling.


P.S. I recommend you start taking L theanine if you suffer from anxiety. Click here to find out what the right dosage of L theanine is for anxiety!


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