l theanine dosage for anxietyAre you suffering from anxiety? You might know that l theanine is a great supplement when you suffer from anxiety. Not only does it help your brain to calm down, but it also physically relieves stress. And as you know, stress is a big cause of anxiety. But what’s the optimal L theanine dosage for anxiety?

And what is best time to take l theanine if you suffer from anxiety? Are there any different types of anxiety that you should take into consideration?

If you’re looking for the answers to these questions, you’ll get them in this article (& a whole lot more!). So, if you suffer from anxiety, and want to know what the right l theanine dosage for anxiety is – then please read this article carefully!

L theanine and anxiety (recap)

I’ve written before about how l theanine is a very effective supplement against anxiety. If you haven’t yet read that article, then I strongly advise you to do so, before ordering any theanine. But just to be sure, I’ll give you a quick recap of what I wrote in that article. (it’s a simplified explanation)

  • L theanine works by increasing the calming neurotransmitter GABA in your brain
  • This helps your brain to reduce overactive neurons (that are overactive if you’re anxious)
  • I found l theanine because I was suffering from OCD attacks – I knew I had to find a natural supplement that worked.
  • It’s better to take a natural supplements vs medication, since natural supplements works at the root of your anxiety problem.

So, now that you’re fully up to date and know how l theanine can help you decrease stress and anxious feelings. Let’s discuss the optimal l theanine dosage for anxiety!

l theanine anxiety
Feeling anxious is a very stressful way to live.

L theanine dosage for anxiety

There are several types of anxiety. And each of these needs to be addressed in a different way. For now, it’s enough to know that 100-300 mg of l theanine is generally recognised to be enough to reduce stress and anxiety.

However, you might find that you need a little bit more. The best way to find this out is by experimenting. I recommend you start of by taking 100 mg. This is very easy to take if you get L theanine powder. And if you opted for l theanine supplements (in pill form), than you should take 1 pill.

l theanine dosage anxiety
The optimal l theanine dosage for anxiety is 1-3 pills per day.

However, some pills contain 200 mg per dosage. So, you could either take half, or just take the entire pill.

Should you worry about overdosing theanine?

No, there is absolutely no reason to think about that. let me explain. L theanine functions as the building block for GABA. Since your brain uses the supplement to naturally increase the production, you don’t have to worry about overdosing.

Research is pretty clear on this. It’s virtually impossible to overdose, all the extra theanine you’d take would be pissed out. (however, that would be a waste of supplement, so I recommend you stick to 100 – 300 mg!)

What kind of anxiety do you have?

Anxiety can generally be divided into 2 categories:

  • Constant background anxiety – you feel slightly anxious all the time.
  • Panic attack – usually you feel fine, but sometimes a certain situation or event can trigger a massive anxiety response in your body and brain.

L theanine helps with both these types.. However, there are some slight nuances in the right l theanine dosage for anxiety. Here are the explanations:

Constant anxiety

If you’re suffering from a constant background anxiety that is making life difficult for you, then you have to take action now. Not only is it very bad to be living constantly in some kind of fear, but it’s also drastically decreasing the quality of your life.

If you’re feeling this, then I recommend you take 100 mg of theanine when you wake up. 100 mg again around noon, and 100 mg at night before going to bed.

l theanine anxiety dosage
If you have theanine in powder form, the the best l theanine dosage for anxiety is around half a tablespoon (150 mg)

People with constant anxiety would do better to take regular doses of l theanine spread out around the day. You can safely take l theanine for longer periods of time. It has no harmful side effects.

Panic attacks

If you suffer from panic attacks, it is first important that you know what the trigger is. And how often you get them. If, for instance, you tend to panic in the mornings or when in crowds, then you should take 200 mg of theanine around 1 hour before you’re going to get into these triggering situations.

If however your panic attacks come up without warning, you can take 100 mg l theanine in the morning. And then when your anxiety attack starts to come up, take 200 mg of theanine.

You’ll find that the morning dose will reduce your stress all day. And the 200 mg you take whenever you start to feel really anxious will help you cope with it. L theanine will help you reduce the intensity and the length of time you’re suffering from the anxiety attack.

Other helpful tips against anxiety

Taking theanine works like a charm to reduce feelings of anxiety. It is a natural supplement that you can take for long periods of time to reduce stress and anxious feelings.

It is completely fine to take l theanine on its own without any further changes to your life if you want to beat anxiety. However, there are a few simple lifestyle changes you can make to reduce anxiety in your life and feel better in general. Here they are:

  • Reduce caffeine intake  caffeine increases stress hormones in your body. If you have anxiety, then it’s better to stay away from coffee. If you really cannot stop drinking coffee (I know how you’re feeling;)), then try to reduce it to maximum 1 cup a day.
  • Take a small walk during the day – a small walk during the day will help you clear your mind. Also, walking is a great way to reduce stress and get some light aerobic exercise that benefits your body.
  • Follow an exercise program (or play a sport) – working out or playing a sport is a great way to use your stress in a beneficial way. You’ll find that after an intense workout or training session, that it’s virtually impossible to feel stressed!
  • Sleep enough  – the last thing you should do, is to sleep enough. Sleeping recovers your body and mind. If you’re too stressed to fall asleep on time – no worries! Taking 100 mg theanine before bed will calm you down and make you fall asleep easily.

These tips together with L theanine should get you really far to beat your anxiety. A lifestyle approach combined with natural supplements should do wonders for your anxiety. You’ll finally feel calm again and won’t have to worry about stressing out!



P.S. Oh, I forgot to tell you. I wrote a detailed L theanine review. In it I’ll explain all the other benefits (including anxiety-relief) of L theanine, . Click here to read it & find out where you  can get quality l theanine for a good price!

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