best muscle building supplements 2018If you’re on this site, chances are high that you’re interested in gaining a good extra amount of muscle. After all, looking good is a great part of your life. So what supplements can you use to achieve that goal? In order to stay with the times I have decided to publish this guide to “Best Muscle Building Supplements 2018”. After all, new research gets published almost every week and it’d be a shame not to keep up.

So, what can you expect on this page? Well, it’s pretty simple actually. I’ve decided to keep things simple-but-effective. And most of all legal. Cause we’re just going to talk about stuff that you can safely take and buy in many different stores. So no steroids or any of that stuff around here. Just simple, yet effective supplements that can give you an edge if you’re working out and looking to become stronger.

Looking to build muscle & become stronger?

Before we start, I gotta give you the disclaimer. If you’re not working out and eating healthy – then no supplement is going to put on slabs of muscle. You see, supplements play their own role. And it’s more of a helper role. You gotta do the heavy lifting and eating right and then supplements will help you get that edge that you need. 

If you’re already pushing and killing it in the gym, then you’ll see:

  • Increased recovery
  • Extra strength (bang out some more extra reps)
  • Improved stamina
  • A general better (athletic) performance 

So, without further ado – let’s get started with the best muscle building supplements 2018!

Here are the best muscle building supplements 2018:


You’ve probably heard about creatine before. It’s been shown to be one of the most effective supplements in terms of bodybuilding/working out. It’s one of the few supplements that actually makes a difference. A ton of research has been done and they all point to the same conclusion:

Creatine helps you become stronger and perform better in the gym or sports.

So, there’s a lot of information going around how to take creatine. Some people recommend a so-called loading phase (in which you take up to 4 times the amount of creatine to *load your muscles*). But the general consensus is that you need around 5 grams (one spoon) of creatine per day. Creatine is also very cheap. So let’s say if you get a kilo of creatine, I’d recommend to take a loading phase. Which means 20 grams of creatine for around 5 days.

Here are the benefits of taking creatine:

  • Increased power output
  • Increase in weight
  • Muscles become more hydrated
  • Increase in anaerobic running capacity
  • More lean mass
  • Decrease in fatigue

And that’s only part of what creatine has to offer. The bottom line is that taking creatine will enhance your athletic performance. Because it’s dirt cheap it should be a staple in anyone’s supplement stack who’s interested in becoming stronger and packing on muscle.

muscle building supplements 2017
Creatine will help you get become stronger and get more out of your workouts – which translates into you building more muscle!

Vitamin D

The next thing that should be part of your best muscle building supplements 2018 stack should be vitamin D. You’ve probably heard about taking this vitamin if you’re low on sunshine. And that’s true. But did you know that vitamin D acts more as a hormone than as a vitamin?

You see, vitamin D is responsible for a whole host of processes in your body. And many of them are related to your muscles and overall strength. For starters: if you’ve ever suffered from a winter depression you’ll probably know how you’re not at your strongest when you’re in a seasonal depression.

Vitamin D has many different effects and here’s a short list of them that will benefit your appearance and muscle building:

  • Decrease in fat mass
  • Increase in lean mass
  • Increase in bone strength
  • Decrease in blood pressure
  • Slight boost in testosterone

There are many more beneficial effects vitamin D has on your health – especially if you’re not getting any sun during the day. So if it’s winter out there. Or you just don’t get outside much – then get yourself a bottle of vitamin D here. Recommended dose is 5000 IU per day. It’s better to take in the morning or at lunch together with some food.

Fish oil

The final supplements that we’ll discuss today is fish oil. You see, many people nowadays consume too much omega 6. Our entire ratio is out of balance and this causes a slew of health problems. Consuming too much omega 6 compared to omega 3 it doesn’t become clear right away. You won’t faint or die of a heart attack – but it’s a more subtle thing.

Taking fish oil on a regular basis (every day you’re not eating any fatty fish) is good for all the cells in your body. It will help both your muscles, but also your brain cells. Studies have even been done and shown that fish oil increases your recovery after working out. Here are some of the benefits you’ll experience when you start taking fish oil:

  • Less inflammation (so you can train longer and better)
  • Increases muscle repair
  • Lower blood pressure

It is recommended that you take around 2 mg of fish oil daily. You can skip it (or take less) if you’re consuming fatty fish that day. Get yourself a bottle of high quality capsuled fish oil – so that you can start taking care of your health right away!

Best muscle building supplements 2018 conclusion

In the previous years the emphasis might have been on supplements that increase your pump or maybe give you a bit of an edge when working out – but the trend this year is that the focus will al be on natural healthy supplements. Instead of trying to get something out of your body that isn’t there, it’s a better strategy to give your body all the building blocks it needs to build more muscle.

So that is exactly what all these supplements do. Apart from helping you become stronger, increasing your muscle repair rate and allowing you to workout out harder. They also are good for you general health. So that you can take these supplements on a daily basis – become stronger – and feel better too!



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