swanson supplementsYour health is your most precious asset. And if you want to come far in this world – then it is imperative that you take good care of your body. And that is exactly what you can do with Swanson supplements. Swanson is a company that has been around for quite some time and they offer quality products – for a good price. So if you’ve seen their supplements laying around in the local grocery store… or you’re just curious if their supplements are really that effective – then please continue reading.

I have taken quite a fair share of Swanson supplements myself and can tell you that they produce the real deal. It’s pretty uncommon for a supplement company to really offer extra value to the people who take their supplements. Plus there are many supplement companies out there that simply do no deliver the quality that you’d expect.

Should you take Swanson supplements?

Before we continue with the rest of this article, let me be clear: taking any supplements won’t make all your (health) problems go away. A healthy body and mind is not something that you can buy in a bottle. So, if that is your main interest – please stop reading. However, most of the readers of this site are more intelligent than that.

You know that a heathy body and mind comes from eating well, exercising and keeping stress at bay. And if you take care of these pillars – then taking the right supplement can make a mountain of a difference!

So, taking supplements should only be done if you’re already focusing on the big things in your life: eating healthy, exercising and keeping a healthy outlook on life. Or if you’ve heard from your doctor (or done an analysis yourself) that you may be lacking a specific vitamin or mineral. In that case it’s a very smart idea to go and get some supplements.

In the following paragraphs I’ll explain to you why Swanson supplements are good to take – if you’re looking for high quality and effective supplements.

3 Reasons why Swanson supplements are good to take

1) Focus is on natural health

The most important thing for supplements is that they focus on increasing your natural health. it wouldn’t make any sense to take a supplement that helps you in one part of your life – but that comes with a lot of side effects. No, supplements should be taken to augment your health. That’s why Swanson emphasises that all their products are made to enhance your health and energy.

swanson's supplements
Supplements should be used to augment your natural health – not to be the only thing that you do for your health.

2) Effective supplements that work

Another thing that puts Swanson apart from other supplement companies is that their products work. They extensively test all their new formulas and make sure that things work. That the supplements contains enough of the actual supplement to have an effect – but also that you get it in the most optimal form. if you’re looking for supplements that work – then Swanson Supplements is the brand of your choice.

3) Thousands of happy customers

The previous 2 reasons have already made thousands of people all around the world happy Swanson customers. And I’m one of them. I’ve been taking some type of Swanson supplements for several years already. Which exact type of supplements depends on my goals (and what I’m currently lacking in my daily life), but right now I’m taking Swanson Sleep Essentials. It’s a great mix of melatonin and other herbs (such as valerian root) that is very effective in helping me sleep deeply and waking up with a ton of energy. I take it whenever I’m short on sleep or am a bit anxious and need to get a good night’s sleep.

Top 5 Swanson supplements

#1 Swanson Probiotics

Gut health is very intrinsically related to your brain (and overall) health. It makes sense, since you need energy to function well. And all the energy you get is taken from the food in your gut. So if you’ve got a gut problem – chances are that you suffer from general health problems too.

Taking probiotics helps you to reclaim your gut health. Swanson Probiotics contains 16 different types of strains of good gut bacteria. It will help your gut be healthier and improve your digestion and overall health. Order a bottle here.

#2 Swanson Turmeric

Turmeric has been shown to fight against free radicals in your body. These cause oxidative stress and are a real source of cancer in your body., Turmeric is chock-full of antioxidants and therefore they help you fight this oxidative stress. This has long been known in the Eastern countries. And now you can also get all the health benefits of taking turmeric. It’s a great supplement to take on a daily basis and Swanson Turmeric comes with 240 capsules – so you’ve got enough for the next 4 months.

#3  Swanson Magnesium

Magnesium is a critical component of your cells. Without it they wouldn’t be able to send electrical signals to other cells. Especially if you’re active and it’s warm outside it’s a very good idea to take extra magnesium. If you experience cramping of your legs or teeth grinding at night – this can both indicate you have a shortage of magnesium in your body. Swanson magnesium offers you 400 mg – which is well sufficient for daily supplementation.

#4 Swanson Vitamin C

It’s winter now and many people around me are starting to get a cold. Even though it’s not the worst of things that can happen – but sneezing and not feeling well is never a good feeling. taking vitamin C on a regular basis can help increase the function of your immune system. It’s unlikely that you’re deficient, but since vitamin C is a cheap supplement – you can easily take it everyday. Get yourself a pound of Swanson Vitamin C here.

#5 Swanson Zinc

Zinc is another mineral that is very useful in the body. And unfortunately many people nowadays are deficient in zinc. This can have a devastating effect on your hormonal balance (especially for men – since a zinc deficit causes low testosterone). If you’re a man and find yourself with low T, then taking zinc might be one of the few cases where supplementation on its own will make a massive difference in your life. It’s not expensive – so order Swanson Zinc here if you suffer from low energy and/or libido (both symptoms of low T).



P.S. didn’t find what you’re looking for? Click here to read about the one supplement that I recommend if you’re looking for more focus and clarity in your life!

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  1. Swanson is one of my favorite companies for supplements! Before I get anything I always check if they have it cause I’m convinced of the quality.

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