do i have anxiety“Do I have anxiety?” It’s a question that often pops up on this website. After all, many people in the world suffer from anxiety. So it’s only logical that people look for an answer. Maybe you’re worried that you suffer from anxiety? Or you just want to find out if what you’re feeling really is a problem – or just a stage of life that will go away on its own.

Whatever your reasons for coming here. You’re not alone. On this page you’ll learn all about the symptoms of anxiety. And you can perform your own checklist of whether you have anxiety or not.

Do I have anxiety?

It is estimated that more than 53% of people will experience some sort of anxiety in their life. And with that I don’t mean being a little anxious before public speaking or a job interview. But some sort of prolonged period of anxiety. This is of course bad news. But fortunately knowing that everyone can be susceptible to anxiety can be a very helpful thing too.

Since it is so common, there are many symptoms classified that can help you diagnose whether you suffer from anxiety or not. And knowing who your enemy is, is already half of the battle.

Note: I am not and MD. However, I have suffered from anxiety myself. And I know many others who have. If you feel really anxious/bad, I recommend you go see your doctor.

Do I have anxiety checklist

If you’re feeling anxious all the time and want to know if you’re suffering from an anxiety disorder. Then you can do the checklist below. In it I have described 6 common symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). I’ll explain each symptom and you can make a mental (or physical note) whether you experience that symptom or not.

This is a list of symptoms that many people with GAD experience. So there are more out there. However, these are the most common. If you experience at least 3 of these symptoms in half a year, you can get diagnosed with GAD.

#1 Excessive worry (about all sorts of activities and situations)

If you are always feeling worried about any type of situation, then you might have GAD. Excessive worry can be classified as worry that out of proportion to the situation or event. For example, feeling extremely worried about going to a party of your friends or family.

For most people these events are fun (and maybe a bit stressful – but not anxiety). So if you find yourself excessively worrying to the point where you’re feeling really bad, then it could be that you have GAD. Please take note how often this happens. As everyone feels anxiety once a while for seemingly ‘normal’ events. But if you experience it many times over the course of 6 months – it might be wise to dive deeper into it.

#2 Difficulty thinking

Another common symptom is that you find it difficult to think or concentrate. This can be because anxiety releases stress hormones in the body. These in turn activate the fight or flight response. In the short term this can make you feel more alert and concentrated.

However, people suffering from anxiety have their anxiety response activated all the time. Your body is literally exhausted and one of the first things that your body will shut down are your critical thinking skills in the brain.

do you have anxiety
If you find yourself with difficulties thinking and no focus for a long time – you could be suffering from anxiety

#3 Easily getting tired

Not only your mind is tired. Your body will also wear down from anxiety over a long period of time. For your body there is no difference whether there’s a lion chasing you down the Savannah, or an upcoming test, or excessively worrying about whether you turned off the gas at home while you’re on vacation.

Being tired all the time is because your body is completely worn down from the stress hormones that are constantly released into your body.

#4 Feeling restless or agitated

At the same time anxiety can also make you feel restless or agitated all the time. You might feel tired, but you still have many stress hormones running through your body. The purpose of these hormones is to spur you into action (fight or flight again). So your body still feels primed to respond to something all the time.

This causes the feeling of being restless (physical) or agitated (mind).

#5 Muscle fatigue and tension

Another effect is that your muscles feel continually activated. If you experience that you are tired, but your muscles are very sore and tense, then it could be that you are suffering from anxiety. Again, everybody experiences sore muscle and muscle tension once in a while.

But if you experience these symptoms on a consistent base, then anxiety could be the culprit.

#6 Difficulty sleeping

The final thing that virtually everyone who has problems with anxiety feels is trouble sleeping. Whether it’s because you can’t stop the worrying thoughts in your head while you lay down in bed. Or because you’re feeling restless – anxiety is really bad for sleeping.

And not sleeping well makes you even more tired and anxious the next day. So it’s a circle that will make you feel worse and worse as time goes by.

do i have anxiety test
If you are sleeping worse than you used to sleep, it could be because of anxiety.

Do I have anxiety – final words

So, let’s recap: the answer to the question “Do I have anxiety?” can be found with the previous checklist. If you experience 3 or more of these symptoms over a 6 months period – then you have anxiety.

In this case it’s a good idea to go see your doctor and find out if he can help you with anything. Maybe he can offer you some prescription drugs to treat your anxiety. Or he’ll know of some good herbal options.


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