l theanine dosage for sleepHave you ever slept bad? Or trouble with falling asleep at night? If you have, then you’re (obviously) not alone. A high percentage of the adult population has trouble falling asleep. And many of them also wake up several times at night. This causes them to feel unrested in the morning. Have you ever experienced this and do you want to know what the right L theanine dosage for sleep?

Then continue reading this article! I have tons of experience using l theanine. I’ve used it to combat panic attacks, make me more productive. But I also use it once a while when I have trouble falling asleep.

So, if you want to know what the right l theanine dosage for sleep is, read and find out…

L theanine dosage for sleep

Taking L theanine is a great thing to do for your health. Because of the calming effects on your mind, it can help you reduce stress and anxious feelings. This, on its own is already a  great thing if you’re suffering from stress at night.

Stress as night can cause you to lay awake and make it difficult for you to fall asleep. I wrote another article about L theanine and sleep before. I highly recommend you read that article first, so you know a bit of the background science. And then come back tot his article to find out the right l theanine dosage for sleep.

But if you’re in a hurry, I’ll quickly summarize the article in the following paragraph:

Why L theanine helps you to sleep

The reason why L theanine is great for helping you sleep is because it calms your brain cells. L theanine increases the production of the calming neurotransmitter GABA. Which is responsible for decreasing overactive neurons.

l theanine for sleep
l theanine helps you fall asleep and sleep deeper!

Alcohol also works through GABA, but luckily for us, l theanine doesn’t have the side effects that alcohol has. You can safely take l theanine without side effects.

If your brain cells are too active before going to bed, this can be bad for your sleep in 2 ways:

  • You might not be able to fall asleep. You’re laying in bed and trying to calm down, but you just can’t seem to slumber away.
  • You wake up several times at night or only have shallow sleep cycles. This is when you can fall asleep, but you’re waking up because of stress. This is bad because it decreases the precious sleep quality that you’re getting

So, l theanine helps with these 2 problems (and some more. Read the aforementioned article to find out!). Therefore it helps you sleep. If you suffer from not being able to fall asleep, or very restless sleeping patterns, then try L theanine. You’ll surely notice the benefits and that it helps you sleep better!

What is the right L theanine dosage for sleep?

Before we dive into the right L theanine dosage for sleep, I want to make 1 thing clear. The optimal dose depends on your body-weight and how you react to L theanine.

You might therefore have to try a couple of different doses to find out what the right one for you is.

However, this is not a problem, since theanine generally helps in even smaller quantities.

So, to start, I recommend you take around 150-300 mg if you have trouble falling asleep.

Take 150 if you’re on the lighter side, and 300 if you’re larger. These guidelines are not set in stone, but I have found that they work for me (and several other people).

theanine dosage
Half a tablespoon of theanine is around 150 mg

I’m 155 pounds and when I take a teaspoon of L theanine, it makes me very mellow and relaxed. Taken 1 hour before bed, it always makes me slumber away right after I hit the pillow.

So, take 150-300 mg of l theanine 1 hour before going to sleep.

Some people find that they need more than 300 mg. This is okay, since l theanine is not harmful in larger quantities to the body. So, if you feel 300 mg is not enough, you can take 300-600 mg. All the theanine that you take in excess, your body will simply excrete through your urine.

Now worries about overdosing 😉

Now, if you suffer from sleep problems, then chances are that there are some other factors that can help you sleep. So, in the following paragraphs you can take a look at some lifestyle factors that – in combination with l theanine – give you amazing sleep!

Other things that will help you sleep:

L theanine is great for helping you sleep. You can increase its potency by incorporating the following lifestyle changes in your life. Here are some of the things I’ve found to have a great impact in my sleep quality (and time it takes to fall asleep):

Sleep in a dark room

Try to make your room as dark as possible. This means black out curtains, removing small light from chargers and appliances (I absolutely hate the blue flickering light that my laptop charger had). The darker your room, the more at ease your body will be.

The best sleep I’ve ever had was when I was living in an apartment where I had window blinds installed. My room was completely dark.

A dark room will help you fall asleep better and wake up more refreshed. Oh, and getting a good mattress will also help a lot!

Don’t eat too much before bed

Eating before bed is no problem. However, don’t completely stuff yourself. If your stomach is overly full, then you’ll have trouble finding the right position to sleep in.

Additionally, your body will be diverting all this precious energy into digesting – and not in repairing your body!

Reduce your caffeine intake

The final thing is to limit your caffeine intake. You can still drink coffee, but try to stop drinking coffee after lunch.

l theanine coffee
While coffee works great together with L theanine, drinking it too close to bed time will hurt your sleep.

Coffee has a very long half-life (the time it takes to disappear from your body). If you drink it after lunch, chances are it’s still affecting your ability to fall asleep at night.



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