health benefits l theanineHave you heard about the health benefits l theanine? Not only is l theanine a great natural  supplement that has virtually no side effects, but it also has numerous benefits for your mind and body.

If you’re curious what l theanine can do for you, then read this entire article. In it, I’ll explain you the greatest health benefit l theanine has to offer. I’ll also give you a short and concise guide to l theanine dosage. So that you can get the maximum out of these benefits.

NOTE: I’ve used l theanine for more than 3 years and it’s a very useful supplement. And many people all over the world agree with me. I don’t use it daily, but whenever a specific situation comes up in which I can use some of health benefits l theanine offers – I like to take the supplement.

If you don’t know yet what l theanine is – read my what is l theanine article first!

Health benefits L theanine

L theanine is found in green (and black tea). There are also some mushrooms that produce this supplement, but they are pretty rare. If you’re looking to consume l theanine, than you realistically have 2 options:

  • Drink green tea
  • Take an l theanine supplement

Green tea ia  great beverage to drink every day in your daily life. It has a great deal of benefits for the mind and brain. Unfortunately, it’s not a great choice if you want the health benefits that l theanine has to offer.

Why? Because green tea only contains a minimal amount of l theanine. You’d have to drink 5-10 cups before you would reach the same l theanine dosage as you would get when you take 1 supplement.

Later on, after the health benefits l theanine gives you, I’ll explain to you the optimal dosage for theanine supplementation! 

But, for those of you who want to know what L theanine can help you with…. here’s the list of health benefits l theanine!

Reason #1: L theanine decreases stress

L theanine works great to reduce stress. Most people in the world feel stressed at some point during their day. And stress can have a big impact on your health.

Chronic stress can damage your body in numerous ways. It can cause ulcers in your stomach, can reduce your sex drive, cause heart disease, makes you feel tired and can even shrink some parts of your brain!

l theanine anxiety
If you’re feeling continually stressed, you can cause a lot of damage to your body

So, it’s very important to combat chronic stress. It can literally save your life. Taking l theanine is one of the things that I (and thousands of others) have found to effectively reduce stress.

And I’m talking about the two types of stress here:

  • Chronic ‘background’ stress – L theanine makes you feel calm and relaxed. But not in a sleepy way. It’s an effective day to feel more grounded and less overall stress during the day.
  • Acute stress – Since you’re more grounded and calm during the day, you’ll be better able to handle acute stressful situations. You’ll be able to more effectively work and make the right decisions in a stressful situation.

Reason #2: L theanine can help you sleep better

The next of the health benefits l theanine can offer you is better and deeper sleep. Now, this ties in to what we spoke before about. Many people experience stress even at night after their work has ended.

If you’re feeling stressed right before going to bed, you’re obviously not going to get a great night of sleep. We all know this out of experience.


Have you ever laid awake at night in bed, with your thoughts going crazy. maybe you were thinking about a presentation you had to give the next day. Or maybe you were still feeling stressed because of something that happened during the day.

And maybe you were even stressed because you couldn’t sleep. And you were counting the minutes to when you’d have to get up. Which were becoming fewer and fewer. Which made you even more stressed!

You probably have experience on (or all) these situations before. How did you sleep that night? I’m guessing not that well. And in turn you felt bad the next day – because you didn’t sleep enough!

l theanine and sleep
L theanine can help you sleep better and deeper!

So, it’s very important that you reduce stress at night in order to let your body and mind fully recover during your sleep. L theanine reduces stress and when taken at night can greatly enhance your sleep quality!

Reason #3: L theanine is an antioxidant and is great for the liver

If you’ve read the what is theanine article that I linked to in the introduction, then you know that the chemical formula of l theanine consists of 2 amino acids: Glutamine and glutamic acid.

The glutamic acid can work as a powerful antioxidant. Especially your liver can use this antioxidant very well.

Now, you probably know about the damage free radicals cause, right? They’re the source of aging, arthritis, liver damage and whole lot more. Simply put, a free radical can damage almost any issue in your body.

Your body needs a defense against this. And that’s where antioxidants come in. In the liver, l theanine gives an electron to a free radical – thereby neutralizing its devastating effect!

l theanine alcohol
If you have an event coming up that includes alcohol – you can take l theanine to reduce the devastating effects of alcohol on your liver!

Studies have been done and shown that l theanine is especially protective to liver damage from drinking alcohol. So if you’re planning on a party, you might want to consider stacking up on some l theanine!

What is the right dosage for the health benefits l theanine gives?

If you’re curious about what the right dosage is for each of these health benefits l theanine has to offer, here’s how you can take l theanine:

  • Reduce stress – take 100 mg l theanine in the mornings if you’re continually stressed. If you know a stressful event is coming up, take 150 mg.
  • Sleep better – take 150-300 mg l theanine 1 hour before going to bed
  • Protect your liver  if you have a party or event coming up, you can reduce the harm of alcohol by taking 150 mg of theanine before drinking. Additionally you can take 150 mg more when you go to bed to help your liver handle the alcohol while you sleep.



P.S. want to know about more benefits l theanine can give you? Read my complete l theanine review here & find out where you can get amazing deals on l theanine!

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